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Flowering Connections is a nonprofit organization that brings together young volunteers and seniors in senior centers to do arts & crafts activities with the elderly and perform for them. Our mission is to foster connections between generations and encourage intergenerational dialogue. We strive to support the elderly like a friend and share our perspectives. FC is dedicated to advocating for and supporting the elderly community. 

Our Mission

Our Story

Flowering Connections was founded by Sophie Cheung at the age of 16. She hoped to honor her grandparents.


Visiting her grandma's senior home with flowers, she realized how many residents did not have close relatives to visit them. With increased awareness, she was inspired to help the elderly feel more loved. With her Grandma and Grandpa's passing, she wanted to pass on her Grandma's love for gardening and her grandpa's entrepreneurial spirit. 

In 2022, Sophie began organizing a few students to pick up donated flowers from flower shops and arrange the flowers with the elderly. Flowering Connections started small but grew steadily. 

In 2023, we expanded our operations to include student performances at senior centers. Today, we have increased our partnerships to include several senior centers and flower shops. Flowering Connection's volunteers dedicate themselves to connecting with those we often neglect and changing the conversation about the aging population. 


Our Team

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